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Dotty,s update

Well I'm home!!!
Mr Fraser looked into my eyes again, and has decided I definitely need my left eye operating on right away before I lose my sight completely 
While I am asleep, he will check my right eye and will decide then if it is best to do both my eyes at the same time, or to wait until I am a little older to do my other eye.
I haven't made my appointment yet as the special nurse who is a real wizz at keeping patients safe under the anaesthetic is on holiday, and because I am a super, special patient - I need the 'A' team on the day, so I need to phone when she is back next week and book my appointment when she is at work to make sure I get the bestest care I possibly can 
At least I get to enjoy Christmas without a silly bucket thing on my head - although my foster mummy had offered to stick tinsel all over it for me if I had to have surgery this side of Christmas!!
I have my eye drops ready, have to start them a few days before my surgery - so it is systems go ......... I am going to get my sight back in 2015. Get ready Lucky Teddy  — feeling blessed.



As many of you know our passion is for the abused farm dogs who come into us in a very poor state. These dogs need time and patience to heal and no dog is rushed to be adopted and some may spend the rest of their lives at the rescue due to the mental damaged casued to them by mankind, we NEVER put a dog to sleep no matter what their issue,s are. after all they weren,t born bad.


Yes we do ask an adoption fee but this does not cover the cost of innoculations, neutering, microchipping , feeding or additional vet fee,s, the shortfall comes from donations and from Gill,s pension.


If you feel you can help on a regular basis you can set up a regular payment through our paypal account or through the donate button at the top of the website.


Many of you continue to support us and raise funds like Pat Gash who sell,s her Border Collie Year books and donates the proceeds to us, we had many people raise funds in this way over the years and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your continued support.


The Border Collie Spot is a border collie rescue centre run by Gill White in Binfield near Wokingham, Berkshire.

Gill has been rescuing Border Collies for 8 years. It has always been her dream to rescue unwanted and neglected farm dogs and this was realised when her network expanded enough to reach right across the UK.

Gill has rescued hundreds of dogs since the rescue started and she will not turn away any dog in need of her care. She endeavours to find homes for collies of all size, shape, colour and background, no matter how tragic and damaged they are. Gill always has a number of rescue dogs for adoption, plus a few who cannot be homed and seven of her own border collies.

The expenses incurred for the care of these dogs comes from Gill’s own pocket and she is retired, so this is literally from her pension! Gill relies on the kindness of the public for funding and also has a small team of volunteers who give up their time to help the dogs and fund raise.

Welcome to The Border Collie Spot

Beloved Spot

The Border Collie Spot is the name of Gill White’s border collie rescue organisation, named in loving memory of her most beloved Border Collie, Spot! Spot was born at the White Cottage, the last of a litter of six puppies and as the last puppy born, Gill had to breathe into his lungs to bring him to life. That was the start of a long and wonderful relationship spanning fifteen years. Spot was a very special dog, he was devoted to Gill and she never went anywhere without him. She trained him to the highest level in obedience and he worked right up to championship class. This site is primarily intended for the rescue, care and adoption of unwanted, abandoned and abused border collies. Regular visitors will know that this is a brand new design of our web site. We hope you enjoy the new page named ‘Spotted!’ which is a place dedicated to your collie photos, stories, notices, tributes, in fact anything to do with border collies! You told us how much you enjoyed our old site and we hope you love this one too, please let us know what you think. Enjoy! from the team at The Border Collie Spot.