How The Border Collie Spot Rescue Was Born

Gill White named her border collie rescue in loving memory of her most beloved Border Collie, Spot.
The last of a litter of 6 puppies born at the White Cottage –  Gill had to breathe air into his lungs to bring him to life. That was the start of a long and wonderful relationship spanning 15 years. Spot was a very special dog and he and Gill were devoted to each other.  Gill trained him to the highest level in obedience, working right up to Championship class.



The Border Collie Spot is, as its name suggests, a border collie-specific rescue centre.  During the course of more than 25 years, Gill White has saved hundreds of unwanted farm dogs from a life of neglect and often untold cruelty.  Today Gill’s network reaches right across the UK and Ireland too, where we work closely with Animals In Need of Donegal
No matter their size, shape, colour, condition, or how damaged they are, Gill will endeavour to find homes for all the collies that arrive at The Spot, no matter how long it takes. As she says there is a home out there for all of them no matter what their ” quirks” maybe,  Those that are too damaged to be homed will stay with her at the rescue in Binfield where they feel safe and secure .
As you can imagine, the costs of running The Spot are astronomical, especially as many of the dogs require specialist veterinary treatment – and they all need a good grooming!  These expenses are met by Gill herself, from her pension, and so she relies on the kindness and generosity of the public for funding, as well as a small team of volunteers who help with finding homes for the dogs and with fundraising.
If you would like to help Gill continue her amazing work, taking care of all these poor dogs, then please do consider making a regular donation by clicking the Donate button on the home page.
Thank you.