Lottie and Dottie 2014

This is a bit of a long shot but if the person who adopted Lottie in 2014 could send us in an update we would so love to hear how she is getting on as the two sisters where so traumatised when they arrived. Dottie still has some fears but we are sure one day she will get there.  You can see Dottie’s progess on our Facebook Group.


Archie came to us on 25th October 2014 Gill kindly let us foster him but when someone showed some interest in him. We just couldn’t let him go as he was bring Honey out of her shell. We all fell in love with him so we become failed fosters. Archie has become a therapy dog and some times comes to work with me. He loves to see the clients gets excitable when he knows he coming to work. He is very calm and love his hugs and he especially loves balls and to chase birds.xx

Lexi (Narla)

This is Lexi, (formally Narla).  She came to us from you last July.  She originally came to you as a puppy with her sister and 3 brothers from Northern Ireland.  She now lives at her forever home on the Wirral.  She loves playing on the beach, taking long walks in the countryside and is very interested in sheep!  Lexi also loves to travel the short journey to the hills and mountains of North Wales.  Here she is on her first mountain cairn taken on Moel Famau in Flintshire.  She has settled in from day one and is very happy and contented with us and our 3 cats.  Lexi has attended Puppy School and now continues to go to Canine Academy.  She has 3 rosettes for her obedience classes and is a very quicklearner.  Thank you very much for letting us have Lexi.

She would love to know how her siblings are doing if they read this!  If so, please contact us.



Dear Gill  Meg- 1 year on!!!  Meg was so scared when she first came to live with us, she hid under her bed and was too frightened to go into the garden, we had to carry her outside.Meg has come a long way since then. She is now a loving, brave, gentle and happy little dog who is gaining more confidence every day (our cheeky girl) she is best friends with Oscar the cat.We are so happy with her and one of the best things, her eyes aren’t frightened any more.Thank you so much to foster mum Anne and Tim for their continued support,  also to you Gill for trusting us with Meg. We just couldnt imagine life without her,  she makes us smile every day.  Best wishes to you all at SpotCarole and Jim


Hello Gill

I wonder if you remember me, Alfie. After I was left with you, I needed human company so much that I followed you around all the time. Then my new daddy came for me and took me to Salisbury where mum and dad had a lovely big garden and I was so pleased to be loved again.
It was five years ago today, 31st. July 2011 that I came to live here and although I was scared at first that I was going to be left again, ( I would run to our car at the end of every walk in case you forgot me) I am now a happy, very well behaved and loved boy.
My mum and dad and I thank you for being there for me when I was not wanted and thank you for letting me go to my forever home.
With love from Alfie and my mum and dad, Jennie and David.

The Spot Success Stories and Photos Facebook Group

Just to let you all know that we do have a group on Facebook for our success stories, if you are maybe looking to find siblings or just want to have a look then please click the heading to join.

And please do keep sending updates in by e-mail as we do like to see them.

Kitty (now Bonnie)

Dear Gill,
Just to let you know Bonnie is now a boisterous and happy girl. She has learned to play and loves her toys, understood after two days that she had her own bed and didn’t have to sleep on the floor and that she wasn’t going to be shut out all night. She is the most loving dog, adores a cuddle but will wave her legs around and nearly poke one’s eye out but we are working on that. She’s still a nightmare on the lead but as good as gold off it. She comes out with me when I’m riding when I’m not doing any road work and has already had one holiday and behaved beautifully at the hotel and is always a welcome guest at our friends’ when we need to leave her. She is very good with the grandchildren but does get over excited if they scream! It worries her I think but there’s never any aggression. She has now been with us nearly eight months and we wouldn’t be without her.

She and Buddy (the dog we look after twice a week) adore each other and she gets on extremely well with the two dogs where she stays. She is tentative and submissive with strange dogs but once she realises there’s nothing to fear, she’s fine.

We love her to bits and are so grateful to you for letting us have her in our lives. I’m adding some photos so you can see how she’s looking. I think I told you she burst all her stitches when we had her spayed and had to be resewn and wear the cone of shame, I don’t know who was most pleased when the stitches came out and she could discard the cone and stop clearing the coffee table and knocking our legs from under us. Despite being told to keep her quiet,(an impossible task as she insisted on flying round the garden and hurdling the daffodils) it was a losing battle but she did stay sewn up the second time and now you can’t see the join!

Again, many thanks for introducing us to Bonnie and letting us rescue her. She has filled the empty space in our hearts left by our last little girl nearly a year ago

get in touch…..3 of the 6 are pictured xx


Hi Gill
We had Dougie from you last October at 10mnths. Went to get his booster Jabs today . He is fine a real case and he is taking me for walks over the Vale of Marston about 6miles every day We still cant work out if he ifavours My wife june or me. He is great He is now responding and Learning well and Boy is he Sharp cant understand why he was a failed sheepdog. The vet says he is now fully grown And he has Big paws and weighs 26kg here is a Photo of Dougie with Sophie our grandaughter. He seems to made himself at home Here


Hello Gill
I thought I’d write to let you know how well our pup, who we adopted from you in summer 2012 as an 8 week old, is doing. A couple of pictures of our lovely boy Acorn, from our recent holiday in south Devon, are attached.

You might remember you hung on to Acorn (he didn’t have a name at that stage) longer than his siblings because he was the runt and very small, and you were concerned he might not grow normally. By the time we contacted you, you seemed reasonably confident he would probably be OK. You also told us what a lovely nature he had, which was important to us as our boys were 4 and nearly 2 years old, and we had an older (at that stage, 10 years old) and somewhat grumpy dog. You weren’t wrong about Acorn! He is very sweet natured, a lovely dog, full of collie energy but very laid back around the house, and bags of fun. As you can see, he also loves water, though he refuses to swim – he keeps everyone entertained by jumping in and then chasing the splashes! He is also great with the children, and with our older dog (still with us, nearly 14), and goes to work with Dave every day.

We are so glad we came to you and found our lovely Acorn through you, and I am sure you would be very proud of the tiny pup you let go to us three years ago if you could see him now. I hope all his brothers and sisters as doing well and that they all found their forever homes with happy families just like Acorn did.


Hi Jill It’s Fidget here. I’ve got on Alan’s laptop so I can tell you he’s letting me stay!!!  It was a bit touch and go at first. I know you said I had to be good, but I wasnt always sure how to do that. I kept getting told off for things, so I kept biting Alan. I know now it was silly, because he gives me lots of cuddles and I really love him. I just couldn’t get out of my head that I needed to be in charge.Even now I still get the odd moment. He’s got this really big television in the lounge (and one in the bedroom which is good if you want to lie down and watch it) so I can watch all sorts of things. Sometimes horses come on there and I forget it’s a tv and try to go play with them. I get told off then, because I bark a lot as I get confused as to why I can’t reach them. But I’m starting to remember more often now that it’s just the TV.I really like JJ, who is a bit older than me, and doesnt seem to want to play as much. But he does let me sleep next to him now. He even lets me finish his dinner if he’s not hungry. Tho Dad tells me off for that too 🙁 I went to the beach recently – it’s really strange. There’s lot of water there but it tastes weird. I didn’t like it – even though I tried it 6 or 7 times! Thank-you for finding me a new home. I really love it down here. I hope you aren’t missing me too much. I’ve added some photos for you to see – aren’t I a clever dog! Lots of woofs, wags and love  Fidgetxxxx (Oh Alan says hello. No, sorry he said Hello, what are you doing on the laptop. Better go. Wooooooofffff. Lick!)